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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s your warranty for aspirators and compressors?

Cliq provides 2-year limited manufacturer warranty. The warranty period begins from the date of manufacture shown on the device label. At Cliq, all units are made to order upon receiving order confirmation.

The warranty does not cover:

• Product without a device label.


• Accessories, including collection container, microbial filter, intermediate tubing and suction tubing.


• Damage resulting from human factors, accidents, transportation, misuse, abuse, misconnection, unauthorized alternation, act of God.


What to do if the device doesn’t start?

• Check to make sure unit is plugged into mains and that the power switch is in the "on" position.


• Allow machine to cool for 30 minutes before resuming operation. The aspirator may automatically shut off if it overheats.


• Replace the filter if the fibrous material inside the inline filter is wet, stained, or damaged.


What to do if the device’s performance reduces?

• Check that mains provides the voltage and current levels required by this device.


• Check if any tubing is blocked.


• Make sure that all tubing is securely connected and that there are no leaks.


• Replace if collection container or tubing is damaged.


• If the fibrous material inside the inline filter is wet, stained, or damaged, replace the filter.


What to do if the device doesn’t provide suction?

• Check if the collection container overflows. If the overflows occur, please empty the collection container.


• Check if any tubing is blocked.


• If the fibrous material inside the inline filter is wet, stained, or damaged, replace the filter.


What to do if a collection container overflow does occur?

1. Turn off the device and unplug from mains. Do not pick up or move the pump. Do not immediately disconnect any connections between accessories or between accessories and the pump.


2. Hold the catheter, and its connected interface with suction tubing, over a bodily fluid disposal bin. Remove the catheter from the suction tubing and empty the catheter and suction tubing of any residual fluid.


3. Disconnect the suction tubing from the collection canister and dispose of the suction tubing and catheter.


4. Remove the inline filter from the enclosure inlet. Cover the patient port of the collection container. Remove the collection container from its holder while keeping the collection container’s connection to intermediate tubing and the intermediate tubing’s connection to inline filter intact.


5. Hold the collection container, and the accessories connected to it, over an approved bodily fluid disposal bin. Open the container cap on the collection container lid and empty out all contents of the collection container.


6. Dispose of the collection container, intermediate tubing, and inline filter.  


How to clean the device and accessories?

1. Clean the product and all accessories thoroughly after each use. Prior to cleaning, make sure machine is turned off and unplugged.


2. Wipe machine clean with a damp cloth every few days to prevent accumulation of dust.


3. Do not clean with powder-type cleaning agents or soap. Do not clean

machine in water.


4. Clean tubing after each use. Disconnect tubing from machine and clean by rinsing inside and outside of tubing with hot tap water. Air dry.


5. Wash collection container in hot tap water with dishwashing solution after each use. Air dry.


6. Keep the machine and relevant accessories dry. Avoid direct sun exposure during storage.


7. Before each use, inspect power cord for fraying/damage and all accessories (collection container, tubing, and inline filter) for cracks/leaks.


8. Change inline filter if collection container overflow occurs or every two months, whichever comes first.


How to do regular Inspections?

Before and after each use, visually inspect all detachable components, and all disposable single-patient accessories. If any component or accessory fails visual inspection, do not use. Discard the damaged component / accessory and contact your local Authorized Sales Representative to order a replacement.


• Suction device: Inspect for cracks and/or visible damage on the housing.


• Suction tubing and intermediate tubing: Inspect for cracks and/or severe discoloration. If cracks or severe discoloration exist, replace component.


• Collection container: Inspect for visible damage. Remove container lid and check the lip of the collection container for cracks. Inspect the inside of the lid. Make sure that the float mechanism moves freely and that the rubber stopper attached to the apex of the float is present and undamaged.


• Inline filter: Inspect for visible damage, cracks in the filter’s housing. If the filter membrane is discolored or warped, replace inline filter.


• Power cord: Make sure that there is no fraying and that the insulation is intact.

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