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Tonda Collins, a long-time medical sales professional and horse lover, saw how cumbersome and cost-prohibitive the products were for treating respiratory illnesses in the equine industry.  That’s when she decided to create one that would be affordable and easy to use.

The product that Tonda sought to create needed a few things: the treatment product for nebulization, nebulizer mask, and compressor. After finding the ideal treatment product and designing a patented mask, Tonda tested 20 different compressors and ultimately chose one of ours. We then worked together to create a customized compressor to meet her specific needs:

  • Powerful enough to nebulize sufficient amounts of the product for deep inhalation and provide effective respiratory treatment (note that a horse’s lung capacity is about 55 liters, or about 9 times that of an average human male)

  • Ability to operate extensively in hot and cold environments

  • Accurately deliver specific pressure in different elevations

  • Ability to withstand barn and travel conditions

  • Portable enough to be hand-carried

  • Easy to maintain and operate


For this project, we used our existing line of pumps and accessories for customization. This allowed us to cost-effectively provide a specific, field-ready solution that meets all of the above criteria in a short amount of time.


Today, the product – Equi-Resp™ – is not only used to successfully treat a range of respiratory issues in the equine industry, but is also used on dogs, cats, and camels, among many other species. See the Equi-Resp here.


Reference: Jones, Laci. “Breathe Silver Win Gold.” Oklahoma Farm & Ranch, Apr. 2018, pp. 18-19.

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