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Due to the confidential nature of these projects, company and product names are omitted.

To date, we have developed and manufactured vacuum pumps and units for use in the treatment of neurovascular, cardiovascular, and nasal problems. The companies we worked with involved creating solutions through proven and proprietary methods.

Cliq has provided comprehensive, mission-critical engineering and regulatory solutions to meet these companies’ technical and legal requirements. The prototypes developed for one of the companies from the very beginning of conception included – in addition to custom pump specifications – alarm system built to IEC 60601-1-8 standards, adaptable housing solution, and extensive risk and safety reports.

Our most complex case involved long-term engineering and manufacturing partnership to realize the customer’s proprietary technology.  Beyond providing the technical and regulatory know-how, we offered developmental flexibility and ease of communications to tackle inevitable unknowns in the R&D journey of pioneering projects.

For the past years, Cliq has provided the companies with:

  • Know-how and expertise in the design and manufacturing of medical-grade pumps for various applications

  • Long-term, concept-to-product pump and sensor prototyping

  • Technical and regulatory submissions for FDA review


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